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Video: Black African Lady Allegedly Assaulted By Two Finnish Security Guards



An African lady, Pauline Wa Jack probably from East Africa took to her Facebook to narrate her ordeal with the ticket inspectors of a VR train heading to Kirkkonummi from Helsinki. According to her Facebook post, she entered the train from Pasila, thereafter the ticket inspector asked her to show her ticket. She told the inspector that she bought the ticket with her phone and her phone battery is flat that she should be given some minutes to put the battery on charge so that she could be able to show the ticket.

The black African lady being held by two Finnish security guards
Source: A screenshot from the video posted on Facebook

However, the inspector who do not have the luxury of time because her action negates the modus operandi of the VR train system had to call the security guards and told them that she doesn’t have a valid ticket. The HSL policy states that a passenger must have his or her ticket at least five minutes before entering a bus, train, tram, the metro, etc. Also, If a passenger is not able to produce a valid ticket, he or she is charged a penalty fare of 80 euros and the price of a single (or value) ticket.

Her injured heels. Photo from her Facebook

It is also good to note that even if you are given a penalty fare you can still cancel it within seven days at the ticket office at the city center only if you have evidence of having a valid ticket probably left at home or the case of having a ticket on your phone before the battery went dead.

Her valid ticket. Source: A screenshot from the video posted on Facebook

According to her, the two security guards both grabbed and dragged her out of the train and in the process she sustained injury. In a video which was obtained by Diaspora Reporters, two security guards were seen holding her. She stated that they didn’t allow her to show them her ticket and the coming of the police didn’t help her either. One of the founders of African Anti-Racism Society Finland, Ufoka Eugene, who is also a human rights activist reacted to the ugly incident and he expressed sadness over the matter that has to do with what he is fighting for.

The African Anti-Racism Society is a community of Africans and people of African descent, activists, and community leaders living in Finland. It was founded to collaborate with other organizations in the fight against racial discrimination and institutional racism in Finland. 

According to him, what happened today is similar to what happened in Sweden last year February where a pregnant woman from African background was dragged off train by the Swedish security guards. The 30-year-old woman, who was eight months pregnant, could be seen being hauled off a train before she is held face down on a bench while she screams. This goes to show how Africans are been racially profiled and maltreated.

It’s unfortunate that the incident took place when the covid-19 social distancing directive is still in place. This is happening when most countries are still grappling with the waves of anti-racism protests.

Regional Train of VR. Source:

Find below the post she made on her Facebook page

So this happened today on the train Helsinki-kirkkonummi.
I got on at Pasila the conductor asked to see my ticket..I pulled out my phone just to realise the charge had gone dead.I told her just a min I will charge it and show my ticket.I stood up and got a space to charge my
phone .She had called the security and told them I have no ticket.I told the guy I have a ticket just my phone battery is dead.1 sec let me charge it.They both grabbed me , one had me on a choke hold and another on my arms….dragged me off the train and on the platform ground where they held me down.I screamed they are hurting me and didnt let go still .They demanded I walk home and get off the platform.Let me up then and they did .My knee and elbow are bleeding at this point. I told them I am not walking home .I have a valid ticket and am bleeding…. they called the police on me.The police come and spoke to them.Came to me and told me that they are on the right and they are doing their job ….and that is how they would also do things.I tried to explain to the police I have a valid ticket.I had asked if I could charge my phone and show my ticket.They just grabbed me and pushed me to the ground.I have just beeb assulted I am bleeding .The Police told me that I have 2 second to start walking home or sleep in jail and get a fine for resisting.I said that is fine with me.I cant walk home I am bleeding and in pain. A by stander a Finnish (Joel)Man had been had filming the whole incident spoke up showed the police the video .They changed quickly and now offered me a ride home.Which they have am home safe .After 2 hours of questioning.I had a valid ticket…I asked to charge my phone.The police actually ended up doing a crime report on the base of resisting 😳.This two men just assulted me, am all bruised up and they broke my phone.I am the one bruised…bleeding and they broke my phone screen .. .Where on hsl does it read force is used on passangers.

Watch video below

A video from her facebook


Nigerian community in Finland hold ‘EndSARS’ protest in Helsinki



On Thursday, 22nd October 2020, the #EndSARS protests that has gripped Nigeria for more than two weeks took place in the city of Helsinki. Nigerians in Finland came out en mass to protest against police brutality, extortion, extrajudicial killing, illegal arrest, and detention of youths by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit of the police force.

EndSARS protesters in a peaceful walk to the Parliament Building
Photo Credit: Wealthyshezzy

#EndSARS protest was reignited following the shooting of a youth reportedly in front of a hotel in Ughelli, Delta State, in broad daylight by some FSARS operatives who drove away from his Lexus Jeep. The police have said the youth didn’t die. Recall that the protests began on 7 October with mostly young people demanding the scrapping of a notorious police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

At the Senate Square
Photo Credit: Wealthyshezzy

Although President Buhari said it had been dissolved on 11 October, the protests have carried on, and broadened to include demands for broader reforms in the way Nigeria is governed. The protests were intensified when Nigerians in the diaspora joined in the protest.

Organizers of the protest
From left: Everest, MostWanted, Obiwest, Sola

On Tuesday 20th October, security forces opened fire on hundreds of peaceful protesters in Lagos, killing at least 12 people in the capital, according to Amnesty International.

At the Parliament Building
Photo Credit: WealthyShezzy
A Protester passing a message
Photo Credit: Wealthyshezzy

 The #EndSARS protest in Finland was organized by four Nigerians and they are; Everest Obatitor, the Chairman of the Nigerian Football Team in Finland, Obiwest Utchaychukwu, the publisher of Diaspora Glitz Magazine, MostWanted aka Mustardseed a hip-hop/afrobeat artist and Olusola Ogunluyi a community leader.

At the Parliament Building
Photo Credit: WealthyShezzy
A protester displaying his placard
Photo Credit: Wealthyshezzy

Many Nigerians came from different parts of Finland, some came from neighbouring Estonia to show solidarity with Nigerians back home. The protest began at the Senate Square with the singing of the Nigerian National Anthem and after that a minute of silence was observed in honour of those who lost their lives during the protest. From the Senate Square, the protesters accompanied by the Finnish Police matched down to the Parliament building where they made their voices heard and passed the sublime message of #EndSARS

Protesters at the Senate Square
Photo Credit WealthyShezzy

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Meet Chike Ohanwe,- the first dark-skinned Jussi Award winner



History was made on Wednesday night when Chike Ohanwe was announced the winner of Jussi Award for Best Male of the Year for his role in the film Aurora. This is unprecedented since 1944 when the Jussi Award was established to recognize excellence in the Finnish film industry.

The Jussi Awards are Finland’s premier film industry event, recognizing annually the past year’s excellence in Finnish film making by directors, actors, and writers. It is just like The Oscars in the United States.

Chile Ohanwe
Photo credit : MTV News

Chike is a Nigerian-Finnish, his father is from Imo State in Eastern Nigerian while his mother is a Finn. His father, Mr Augustine Ohanwe came to Finland many decades ago for studies and he had since returned back to his native country Nigeria. He is an outstanding author and his best selling book on Amazon is The Legend of Mount Zebrue.

MTV News reports that after receiving the award, Ohanwe gave a speech of thanks, which certainly impressed many. Even after his first sentence, Ohanwe received long-standing, great applause. 

Chike’s dad Mr. Augustine Ohanwe
Photo credit: Facebook

With applause, Ohanwe became visibly more sensitive and aired the Jussi Award in his hand on the gala stage. In addition, the tear-eyed Ohanwe thanked his old teachers in his speech. 

– Your dune, what you have done for cultural education in general, it is measured not in money, but in people. Thank you. 

– At the age of 11 I started doing theater and I kind of knew from then on that if I wanted to make a career out of this, I had to press a lot of dune. And I have to put people around me who … if there are roles that the girl plays in, if they don’t come, then maybe there are people with whom she can do them.

Ohanwe continued his speech, still moved, a tear running down his cheek. 

He joins the likes of Lola Odusoga, the first dark-skinned winner of Miss Finland in making the minority Afro-Finns community proud

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I’m passionate about changing the negative narrative of Africans in Finland says “Obiwest Utchaychukwu” The Face of African Queen founder



The publisher of Diaspora Glitz Magazine which is dubbed the Voice of Afro-Finn, Mr. Obiwest Utchaychukwu has expressed his desire to change the negative narrative associated with the people with African background living in Finland. He made this known during the press day of the Face of African Queen beauty contest, a beauty pageant he co-founded with Miss Kelly Kalonji, the winner of Miss Helsinki 2013

The Founders of The Face of African Queen addressing the press.
Photo Credit: Bleumonde photos

In the history of the African community in Finland, there hasn’t been any beauty pageant of a high standard that could compete with other top beauty pageants elsewhere. The Face of African Queen which was founded late last year is produced by Diaspora Reporters ry.

The beauty pageant kicked off on an enviable level with some partners and sponsors showing interest in the project. Amongst the sponsors of the beauty pageant is SKOHAN, one of the biggest clubs in Helsinki, their facility was used during the casting and they also gave free drinks to the contestants and the judges, while Hesburger supplied foods and drinks

The finalists
Photo Credit: Bleumonde photos

According to Obiwest, the grande finale of the beauty contest will take place on November 21st and the event will attract the creme de la creme of the African community in Finland and top Finnish dignitaries.

We can change the negative story by doing what is right, inculcating in the hearts of Africans in Finland that we have a role to play in the society. We should be the change we desire, Obiwest says. He also advised people of African background to leverage on the plethora of opportunities available in Finland for the growth of the country.

Press Day host, Sara Chafak, Miss Finland winner 2012 with Obiwest
Photo Credit: Bleumonde photos

Obiwest said the goal of The Face of African Queen is to provide young African women who were born or live in Finland with a platform to showcase their beauty, culture, abilities and creativity. We want to encourage them to be more confident, goal-oriented, he added.

Like other Miss competitions, the Face of African Queen competition has a talent competition, a swimsuit tour, an interview, and an evening dress tour. In addition, in one round, participants present the culture of their own country, for example by wearing their country’s national costume.

He further said that one of the constraints of The Face of African Queen is finance. This is the first edition of the beauty pageant and it’s getting popular each day, everybody wants to get to know us, our Instagram account and other social media platforms are growing rapidly. Kelly and I have put a lot in this project, our resources, time, and attention

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