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Video: Black African Lady Allegedly Assaulted By Two Finnish Security Guards



An African lady, Pauline Wa Jack probably from East Africa took to her Facebook to narrate her ordeal with the ticket inspectors of a VR train heading to Kirkkonummi from Helsinki. According to her Facebook post, she entered the train from Pasila, thereafter the ticket inspector asked her to show her ticket. She told the inspector that she bought the ticket with her phone and her phone battery is flat that she should be given some minutes to put the battery on charge so that she could be able to show the ticket.

The black African lady being held by two Finnish security guards
Source: A screenshot from the video posted on Facebook

However, the inspector who do not have the luxury of time because her action negates the modus operandi of the VR train system had to call the security guards and told them that she doesn’t have a valid ticket. The HSL policy states that a passenger must have his or her ticket at least five minutes before entering a bus, train, tram, the metro, etc. Also, If a passenger is not able to produce a valid ticket, he or she is charged a penalty fare of 80 euros and the price of a single (or value) ticket.

Her injured heels. Photo from her Facebook

It is also good to note that even if you are given a penalty fare you can still cancel it within seven days at the ticket office at the city center only if you have evidence of having a valid ticket probably left at home or the case of having a ticket on your phone before the battery went dead.

Her valid ticket. Source: A screenshot from the video posted on Facebook

According to her, the two security guards both grabbed and dragged her out of the train and in the process she sustained injury. In a video which was obtained by Diaspora Reporters, two security guards were seen holding her. She stated that they didn’t allow her to show them her ticket and the coming of the police didn’t help her either. One of the founders of African Anti-Racism Society Finland, Ufoka Eugene, who is also a human rights activist reacted to the ugly incident and he expressed sadness over the matter that has to do with what he is fighting for.

The African Anti-Racism Society is a community of Africans and people of African descent, activists, and community leaders living in Finland. It was founded to collaborate with other organizations in the fight against racial discrimination and institutional racism in Finland. 

According to him, what happened today is similar to what happened in Sweden last year February where a pregnant woman from African background was dragged off train by the Swedish security guards. The 30-year-old woman, who was eight months pregnant, could be seen being hauled off a train before she is held face down on a bench while she screams. This goes to show how Africans are been racially profiled and maltreated.

It’s unfortunate that the incident took place when the covid-19 social distancing directive is still in place. This is happening when most countries are still grappling with the waves of anti-racism protests.

Regional Train of VR. Source:

Find below the post she made on her Facebook page

So this happened today on the train Helsinki-kirkkonummi.
I got on at Pasila the conductor asked to see my ticket..I pulled out my phone just to realise the charge had gone dead.I told her just a min I will charge it and show my ticket.I stood up and got a space to charge my
phone .She had called the security and told them I have no ticket.I told the guy I have a ticket just my phone battery is dead.1 sec let me charge it.They both grabbed me , one had me on a choke hold and another on my arms….dragged me off the train and on the platform ground where they held me down.I screamed they are hurting me and didnt let go still .They demanded I walk home and get off the platform.Let me up then and they did .My knee and elbow are bleeding at this point. I told them I am not walking home .I have a valid ticket and am bleeding…. they called the police on me.The police come and spoke to them.Came to me and told me that they are on the right and they are doing their job ….and that is how they would also do things.I tried to explain to the police I have a valid ticket.I had asked if I could charge my phone and show my ticket.They just grabbed me and pushed me to the ground.I have just beeb assulted I am bleeding .The Police told me that I have 2 second to start walking home or sleep in jail and get a fine for resisting.I said that is fine with me.I cant walk home I am bleeding and in pain. A by stander a Finnish (Joel)Man had been had filming the whole incident spoke up showed the police the video .They changed quickly and now offered me a ride home.Which they have am home safe .After 2 hours of questioning.I had a valid ticket…I asked to charge my phone.The police actually ended up doing a crime report on the base of resisting 😳.This two men just assulted me, am all bruised up and they broke my phone.I am the one bruised…bleeding and they broke my phone screen .. .Where on hsl does it read force is used on passangers.

Watch video below

A video from her facebook


Finland based Nigerian rap artist, “Mostwanted” releases new video-Welcome to Lagos ft, Lyn Brown



Finland based Nigerian afro hip-hop artist, Mostwanted aka Mustardseed born (Victor Mudiaga Eghaghara) released his much awaited video over the weekend which talks about the life in Lagos.

The Nigerian international rapper serves you the official visual to his Lagos anthem Welcome to Lagos.  the hip hop/dance hall and afrobeat song, that talks about Lagos, one of the most populated and fastest growing  cities in the world. The rapper talked about some Lagos history, lifestyle, hustle, culture, major district and suburb of the city. How government has in recent years pays major focus on revitalizing the mechanical frame walk of the city into making it one of the top emerging city in the world, fully laced with metaphors, rhymes and fire lyrics, the rappers visualized the vibes ,hustle, living and the spirit the city brings to everyone and invites you to the city that never sleep.

The video was produced by Kuljay Kaplo.

Visual credit to Kingtula films, and Ludo lui. directed by Mustardseed for Brooklyn films presentation 
youtube link :–MmGQecI&feature=youtu.beaudio linki   :

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A Cameroonian in Finland bags PhD in law from the University of Helsinki



George Forji Amin, a Cameroonian was in a joyful mood on Thursday, June 18th, 2020 after the successful defense of his Ph.D. at the University of Helsinki. Family members and friends were also around to share in his happiness. George is the new kid on the block of Cameroonians in Finland with a Ph.D.

George Forji Amin defending his thesis

The topic for his Doctoral thesis is Encountering Underdevelopment: International Law, Capital Accumulation and the Integration of Sub-Saharan Africa into the World System (1492-1900) and you can download it on this site;

George Forji Amin

Diaspora Reporters was in touch with him, to congratulated him for his resilience and doggedness towards accomplishing his dream. Find below the few questions we asked him:

George Forji Amin after the successful defense

Please introduce yourself?

My name is George Forji Amin (LL.D) from Cameroon, I’m a University of Helsinki graduate with a LL.Lic (Licentiate of Laws—Mphil equivalent), and an LLM (Master of Laws). I am also a Harvard Law School IGLP Alumni.

What motivated you to go for a PhD

I was motivated to undertake the PhD because of a number of reasons: I naturally have a strong passion for research and teaching. I also have a special interest in the socio-political problems of Africa and wanted to develop the necessary scientific skills and voice to champion these causes. 

From left: Dr Thomas, Josephine Atanga and George

Tell us about your journey throughout the doctoral level. Was there a time you wanted to give up

I faced several ups and downs while conducting my research, especially with regard to stable funding. I had to suspend my studies a couple of times, because I needed to work in order to make ends meet. However, my dedication to the cause kept my spirits up.

How were you able to defend your Doctoral thesis

I faced the most difficulties during the first 2 years into my doctoral studies. However after building a number of academic networks and collaborations, things naturally began to take shape, and it became evident to me that it was just a matter of time before i defend the project.

Tell us how you feel now

I feel fulfilled and elated to have come to the end of the tunnel with my philosophy officially validated into legal science.

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How a Nigerian lady landed in Europe because of 80 naira sachet milk



Sandra (Pseudonym) was trafficked to Ivory Coast in 2008. Before she left Nigeria, she was told that they are taking her to France only to end up in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. Upon arrival, her madam (Trafficker) told her that she has to join other ladies in their prostitution work in other to reimburse what was spent in bringing her to the West African country. Sandra refused, and a problem ensued between both of them. However, she was able to escape from captivity through the help of a guy and she promised to pay her madam the agreed amount when she finds her feet in the country.

Life was difficult for Sandra, an inability to speak French also posed a problem for her. She used to beg us for money after the close of service at RCCG church. On one occasion, I told her to return to Nigeria and continue the vocational training which she had abandoned. After struggling for a year, the future looking bleak, the 22-year old Nigerian lady from Edo state decided to return to Nigeria. She bought the bus ticket that will take her from Abidjan to Cotonou, from there she will get a bus that will take her to Lagos.

One evening, after she had finished preparing dinner for the lady she was squatting with. According to her, she said she had a change of mind in regard to what she was going to eat. She stepped out of the house to buy a powdered milk in sachet which costs around 80 naira when converted so that she could make tea. On her way to the nearby kiosk in Treichville where she lives, she saw a distressed white guy who was staring at her. At first, she ignored but the guy kept staring that was when she asked the guy “What is the problem,?” the guy gave a gleeful chuckle and replied “Oh you speak English? ” Please I have a problem, he said” and he narrated his problems to Sandra

What happened was that he had been interacting with a pretty African lady online, and he fell in love with the lady which prompted him to fly down to Abidjan to surprise the lady with a marriage proposal. When he got to the airport he called the number that the supposed lady gave him but a man picked the call and as soon as he introduced himself, the man told him that the owner of the phone is not around. Actually, the man who picked the call was a scammer who poses as a lady to the white guy

After the white guy had finished narrating his ordeal, Sandra, being aware of what Nigerians are doing in Abidjan seized the opportunity and acted accordingly and told the white guy that she’ll come to his hotel to keep him company. To cut the long story short, the white guy fell in love with Sandra, engaged her, and later got married in a magistrate court. A week later, he took her to their country’s embassy in Abidjan and applied for her resident visa.

Thirteen years down the memory lane, Sandra who was once stranded and devastated in Abidjan is still happily married to the guy and they are living in one of Europe’s best countries. She has two kids. Last time I spoke with her, she told me that she has bought a house in her country of residence. Her hubby is wealthy, he has a fishing company and he loves black to a fault.

Sandra’s story from grass to grace is a testamental evidence of God’s favour. Sometimes, God shows up when all hope is lost. If she had not stepped out of her house to buy the powdered milk in sachet she wouldn’t have met the man whom God has destined for her. We all need a man (destiny helper) in our life.

I pray for you today, may you not miss the person you are supposed to meet in life

This is not a concocted story, but a true life incidence which I witnessed during my stay in Abidjan. Some of my old friends are aware of it

© Obiwest Utchaychukwu

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