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The fall of a General: An open letter to Pastor Sunday Adelaja by The Media Apostle



Written by The Media Apostle

Show me a man who has gotten to the apogee of his calling and then fall like a pack of cards, I will, without hesitation show you the self-acclaimed perfect pastor Sunday Adelaja.

For the record, the photo below was not taken in Germany or Spain but in Kyiv, Ukraine where he is based. I took the battle to his territory, asked for an interview and he agreed.

Egbon Sunday Adelaja, I think it’s high time you stop ranting on social media in the name of exposing men of God in Nigeria because Nigerians are tired of your baseless rhetorics. Whenever you are live on Facebook, only few people listens to you instead of the thousands you used to have.

Those who think that you are exposing fake pastors on social media can be compared to the gullible Buharists who still think that President Buhari is fighting corruption when he is the corruption himself.

Egbon Sunday Adelaja, you and I know that you have fallen from grace to grass and the reason why you continue to attack pastors in Nigeria is because you want to grow your Facebook and Instagram followers together with your YouTube subscribers in other to sell your books and make money from your social media platforms. You have lost your church in Ukraine, all your efforts of over 35 years are almost down the drain. You are not happy and that’s why you shift your anger towards church leaders in Nigeria as if they are responsible for your ordeal.

All your die-hard fans, who have been helping you to disseminate falsehood have all abandoned you because they have realized that you are not sincere. The veil covering your Europe coordinator and strongest supporter, Raphael Ajaere has been lifted. He is now attacking you on a daily basis, dragging you through the mud. Madam Toyin Origbo who used to live in the UK before joining you in Ukraine has also disassociated herself from you because of where you are heading to. She washed your dirty linen in the public on GIO tv UK. One other guy, Mr. Giwa Amu also gave a negative account of his dealings with you.

From the interview I had with you, I discovered that you are broke, you’ve got no money. Your church which was once reputed as Europe’s biggest church is now Ichabodic, the glory has departed. It has now metamorphosed into groups of home cells (fellowship), no more a single church. “What a fall from grace to grass,” still because of pride and arrogance you have refused to ask God for mercy, for him to bring you back to the right path.

In case you are not aware, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome whom you once accused of using witchcraft powers in performing miracles is doing excellently well in ministry. He recently hosted a Global Prayer Day where more than 3 billion people participated. Bishop David Oyedepo whom you have continued to attack has a mandate to plant 10,000 churches this year and his church has planted about 6,000 already even in the midst of lockdown. As for Daddy E.A Adeboye whom you told me that you used to put up at his place is also swimming in the stream of amazing grace. Apostle Suleman whom you jibed when he was falsely accused is going from glory to glory, his church in Lagos just bought 4 acres of land on the island of Lagos and construction is ongoing.

Yes, you told me that you are coming to Nigeria permanently after over 35 years abroad and the main reason why you are active on social media is that you want to raise followers who would become the foundation for what you want to establish in Nigeria but unfortunately those whom you thought are your followers are not following you genuinely. They will shock you the same way Omoyele Sowore’s online followers shocked him during the presidential election.

Yes, you told me that you are not coming to Nigeria to establish a church but to raise and train leaders who will do the right thing. According to you, all the spiritual leaders we have in Nigeria are fake.

Yes, you told me that you are coming to Nigeria this year or next year. It’s obvious you can’t come this year because of the effects of COVID-19. According to you, you need money, you need security because some people are threatening you in Nigeria which you have not visited for almost 15 years.

Yes, you are not a citizen of Ukraine despite living there for over 35 years, reasons being that you have a case still hanging in the court and also Ukraine does not allow for dual citizenship.

Your passport was released to you last year and you were able to travel to Brazil. Insiders like us knew what played out when the new government took over. You might visit Nigeria with your Nigerian passport and the Ukrainian government might decide to cancel your resident permit thereby leaving you stranded in Nigeria.

In conclusion, Egbon Sunday Adelaja, it is advisable you return to the Lord for he is willing and ready to heal and restore you.

I will continue to pray for you Egbon, Shalom!

© The Media Apostle