Eight dead after two shootings at shisha bars in German state of Hesse

Several people have been killed and injured during two attacks on shisha bars in the city of Hanau, Hesse, according to police.

In a statement local police said at least eight people died and several were injured in the shooting incidents in the city of Hanau, around 20 km east of Frankfurt on Wednesday night.

 An unknown number of attackers were still at large, added police, who have launched a major manhunt.

The shootings took place at two shisha bars in different parts of the city, according to local media.

The shooters reportedly opened fire at the first shisha bar in the centre of Hanau around 10pm. Eyewitnesses reported hearing eight to nine gun shots.

They then drove to the neighborhood of Kesselstadt and opened fire at the second shisha bar.

A large number of police have been deployed to the town and the crime scenes have been cordoned off.

Hanau has a population of about 100,000.

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