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Apostle Suleman’s Spiritual Son In Delta Escapes Death In Ghastly Accident



The resident pastor of Omega Fire Ministry in Eku, Delta State, Pastor Obiodogwu Emeka Samson escaped death today as his SUV caught fire while driving along the express.

The young pastor expressed joy and happiness over the miraculous escape from untimely death in his Facebook post.

Below is what he posted on his Facebook page;


Grace is better! I’m an Omega Child! I can’t die like a goat!

Thanks to the God of my father Apostle prof Johnson Suleman for saving me from my car fire accident!

On my way to Church service!

No life lost, no scratch & no injuries.

July 26th


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I see another lockdown coming in October with stringent conditions says Apostle Suleman



The president and founder of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, the Restoration Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman during Sunday service June 21st, 2020 told his church members that God revealed to him that another lockdown is underway in October, this time it will come with difficult conditions.

The revered man of God told the congregation not to give up on this year. You can listen to the Sunday broadcast on YouTube @CelebrationTV

Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman

Recall that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Chairman, Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, Mr. Boss Mustapha has warned that the country might start to count bodies in their hundreds in the next three weeks following the spread of coronavirus in the country. There has been an increase of Covid-19 in Nigeria in recent days.

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Finnish politician and Member of the European Parliament, Sirpa Pietikäinen, shares views on racism



Sirpa Pietikäinen, a Finnish politician and Member of the European Parliament since 2008 under the National Coalition Party shares views on racism and other related matters.

Find below the post which which made on her Facebook page which was originally in Finnish Language;

Human rights are indivisible and subjective. They belong to each of us. We all have the right to live a safe, dignified life without fear of discrimination or violence.

The wave of anti-racism protests from the United States has been visible in Finland and Europe as well, and we have also seen various protests against racism.

Discrimination and racism are beneath the surface and not always visible and that is why we need to be vigilant about it and make discriminatory structures visible. The work against racism requires all of us to take active action for a more equal society every day. It is good that we in Finland are not silent on the subject either and we react. We must have zero tolerance for all discrimination, racism and hate crimes.

Sirpa Pietikäinen; a member of The National Coalition Party
Source: Her Facebook page

U.S. structural racism and the resulting police violence have come up in the debate over the tragic death of George Floyd, an unarmed black American recorded on video. Unfortunately, the death of an unarmed black man as a result of police action is not an isolated incident in the United States, and the recurrence of the phenomenon is indicative of long-standing deep racist structures.

However, simply condemning racism is not enough, we must work actively to build an anti-racist society in Finland and Europe as well.

The EU anti-discrimination directive needs to be adopted and implemented. The directive complements the Union’s equality legislation horizontally and fills existing equality gaps. At the moment, the directive is stuck in the Council due to opposition from some Member States.

Parliament’s resolution on the fundamental rights of people with an African background in Europe in 2019 must be introduced.

Research data collected and produced by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) must be increasingly used as a basis for decision-making. To dismantle racist structures, we need fact-based research data.

We need an EU framework for national strategies for social inclusion and integration. Also in Finland. It would be important for us to have people from increasingly diverse backgrounds, for example, in the service of the police and other agencies. We need particularly accurate and good training for officials in the fight against hate crime and racism.

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Video: Helsinki Senate Square witnessed a large turnout of Anti-Racism protesters



Despite the covid-19 government directive which allows gatherings of maximum of 500 people, protesters who gathered at the Helsinki Senate Square on Wednesday evening to protest against the gruesome murder of African-American, George Floyd surpassed the stipulated number. According to reports, they were more than 3,000.

Photo Credit: Kwame Afreh

Protesters were seen hanging around even before the 17:00 commencement time. It’s a solidarity march, we feel the pains of our brothers and sisters in the U.S that’s why we have gathered here to express ourselves, one of the protesters said.

Photo Credit: Reggie Rusan
Photo Credit: Reggie Rusan

A female protester told Diaspora Reporters that she has been a victim of racial discrimination and that her desire is to see the walls of racism brought down completely. Sweden also had same demonstration today, while Denmark witnessed the same few days ago.

Video credit: wealthyshezzy

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